Ways to look stylish and designer sarees for women

It is wedding season, and there is nothing better than wearing a saree during major functions. Sarees give a glamorous, stylish, yet elegant look, and they are the most pretty Indian wear during the wedding season. Women look beautiful in a saree, and there are multiple ways to style and accessorize it. So, if you are looking for ideas to style your saree for the big parties ahead, here are some ideas to look stylish in designer sarees for women:

1. Pleated saree look

A pleated saree is the best look for formal dinners and functions. You can attend general parties and office parties with the pleated saree look. For formal dinners, you can wear a linen or cotton saree with thin pleats. Style the saree with a dramatic blouse; you can either go for a halter neck or a strapless blouse because that will give a nice look to the saree.

2. Belt it up

You can use a belt with your saree to give it a chic look. Considering that belts are the new accessory for a lot of outfits, you can use them for your saree too. The belt will give a statement look to your saree, and you can wear it to cocktail parties or welcome dinners. You can wear a solid-colored saree with a heavy blouse and belt it up. If you want to jazz up the look, then style the blouse with an off-shoulder look.

3. Casual look with a flowing dupatta

A casual saree is one of the best looks for a non-formal party, and it looks very elegant. You can wear the saree in a normal way and leave the pallu flowing, as it will add more beauty and elegance to the look. You can choose a heavy saree for the look, as the pallu will look nice flowing with it.

You can go for a solid plain blouse with the saree to tone down the look a little. Casual saree looks are in, as some people prefer wearing light sarees during events. A flowing dupatta makes the saree look complete, and you can easily carry this outfit.

4. Ready-made saree gown

It is an excellent option for a pre-stitched saree look. It is the perfect option for people who don’t know how to drape a saree but want to wear one. You can easily carry the pre-stitched saree to the parties. You can choose the saree for various functions because there are plenty of designer saree options that you can get in this pattern as well.

It will give you a versatile look, and you can dress as per your choice. You can also accessorize the saree with big earrings or a necklace to give it a heavy look for big functions.

5. Dhoti style saree

The new fashion look for your best friend's wedding is a dhoti-style saree. It may appear difficult to put on, but it is the simplest. You don't need to worry about a petticoat because you can wear leggings or skip them entirely. It is one of the most stylish sarees for women, and with the right accessories, you can rock the look in this outfit.

6. Plain saree with a heavy blouse

A plain saree with a heavy blouse gives a versatile look. You can style the blouse with a dramatic blouse and give it a different style. Pick an elegant and plain saree, but go with an off-shoulder floral blouse look, or you can give different kinds of sleeves to your blouse to elevate the entire look. There are plenty of designer sarees for women, and the plain ones are evergreen.

7. Pant style saree look

Pantsuits are trending right now, but you can also style your saree with the best pair of pants that you have. It is one of the perfect looks for teenage girls who love wearing sarees during wedding functions or parties. You can style your saree with a blouse and amazing pants, then drape the dupatta around in a saree style to give it a perfect look. The pant-style saree look is elegant and classy and goes for almost all functions.

8. Neck drape style saree

Another eye-catching saree look is the neck drape style saree, which is appropriate for casual occasions. You need to pleat the saree, but with the pallu, you can casually drape it around the neck instead of leaving it to flow. It will give a stylish look and is also one of the best options for sangeet events or small functions. You can choose the accessories according to the kind of saree that you are wearing, and it will go well with the entire look.

9. Ruffle style saree

Another look that is trending during this wedding season is the ruffled-style saree look. You can style the saree with the perfect ruffled pallu, and it will give a dramatic look to your outfit. You can wear this saree for almost all occasions and go with minimal jewelry to keep the look manageable. The ruffles will make the saree look heavy, so you need to tone it down with the jewelry.


Don’t forget to click pictures in the best saree outfit that you wear during the party season. You can accessorize and change the looks according to your preference. There are plenty of designer sarees for women that you can wear during big events. You simply need to pair the right saree with the best designer blouse to complete the look.