How it works

BIBA offers careers for fresh graduates, as well as individuals with work experience.

To apply, send in your resume at

If your qualifications meet our requirements, we will get back to you. Else, we maintain a database of applications, and will contact you when a vacancy arises.

Our Work Culture

Our culture is united by common values. We know that we achieve our best results when people feel free to be themselves. We recognise the contribution every individual can make to our shared success. Add your unique voice to BIBA — together we can make magic.

At BIBA we encourage you to be yourself and respect others for who they are. Our diversity makes us strong and creates an inclusive and welcoming workplace where everyone’s individuality is highly valued. When a great mix of people come together and share their knowledge, experience and ideas, we can inspire and attract customers all over the world.

BIBA is a fair and equal employer. We are committed to providing a safe and attractive workplace where all employees are recognised, feel appreciated and are treated with respect.

Our social policies act as complements to the company values and clarify the rights and obligations of all employees in matters such as mutual respect, equal rights, discrimination and harassment.

Perks & Benefits

Shop for even less

As you already know, the prices at BIBA are great – but as an employee they’re even better! All our employees get a discount when shopping at our stores.

Benefit from our success

We encourage and reward our employees’ everyday commitment and long-term involvement. You as an employee will be able to benefit from our value growth in the same way t…..

Training and development

We provide internal training on every level. We want BIBA to be a place where our employees feel valued and are given the chance to develop. This is achieved with both internal job jo….

Reviews and open dialogues

We believe feedback and work assessments are crucial for our employees’ development and satisfaction. Our annual evaluations and salary reviews are just some of…