Long Dresses Are In! Here's Where You Can Wear Them

Long dresses are definitely a go-to for most women. The comfort and grace offered by a long dress are incomparable! They can be tweaked to be worn anywhere and they’re the most versatile of clothes. Women of any body shape and size can wear them without any concern as they don’t always accentuate one’s body type. They always make a lady look slimmer, taller, and elegant. On the other hand, they are one of the best types of clothes to really show off your body if you want to! Due to its versatility, it is an eye-catcher for most women. This flattering garment can be worn on dozens of occasions and BIBA has a wide range of these dresses. What more to satisfy an Indian woman than a wide plethora of dresses with an ethnic twist? Dive into these options and learn where you can wear these long dresses!

Parties and functions

From proms to your best friend’s wedding, long dresses have always saved the day with the elegance and poise they offer. Long dresses are easy to wear, easy to flaunt, and definitely easy to party in! The flair and royalty provided by long party dresses are unmatched. Ethnic party dresses are even better because of the desi touch to them. Ethnic dresses also come in rich materials such as silk, satin, and velvet. You can also add a dupatta of a minimalistic nature or a heavily worked dupatta according to your liking to enhance the dress. Check out some of BIBA’s long party dresses and you won’t be disappointed!

Slay the scene in this mustard, cotton long dress bordered thick with floral prints. You can add a heavily worked dupatta to add glam to your look.


A date is always an occasion to look forward to. A special evening for a couple can be made more special by arriving in a stunning outfit. You guessed it! A long dress is here to save the day. Make your date’s jaw drop with the most gorgeous long dress you can find. Date dresses are a little less on the bling and are more sophisticated. As most dates are planned in the evenings or nights, it is better to choose a dark or pastel-colored dress than a bright or shiny dress. You can add shiny studs on your ears and a thin necklace around your neck to complete the look. Start your date with the best impression with BIBA’s collection of long dresses.

If you’re looking for a dress that will keep your date’s eyes glued to you, this maroon cotton long dress is the way to go!


A cocktail party is usually organized for social and business networking. Isn’t it important to look your absolute best in such an eventful gathering? Typically cocktail dresses are knee-length but rarely, you can spot a woman with boldness and a unique sense of style draped in a floor-length long dress. While black is the most classic choice of color, any dark color should work well. Long dresses can really shine at cocktail parties if they come with a side slit. Dress up for your favorite fete in one of BIBA’s wide range of long dresses.

Wear this long, navy blue dress enhanced with metallic print to the next cocktail party for a guaranteed flood of compliments.

Festive occasions

From Diwali to Christmas, long dresses are an absolute favorite for girls all around the world! Festive occasions call for new clothes, dressing up, and yummy sweets. While Indian festive occasions such as Diwali and Holi are appreciated with bright, shimmering and heavy, clothes, other festive occasions like Christmas and Easter are celebrated with jewel tones and sophisticated looks. Either way, long dresses can do you a huge favor by making you sparkle the brightest at your favorite festival. Raid BIBA’s well-designed collection of gorgeous long dresses to slay the scene this season with confidence and style.

Steal every eye with this off-white, metallic print, cotton long dress at the next festive occasion.



Ah, beaches. I’m sure you love going to the beach just as much as any other person. From old people to children, the beach can drown your sorrows in its massive ocean and breeze your heart with serenity and joy. Regardless of whether you’re going to the beach to watch the sunset and dip your feet in the honey-colored ocean or to sing songs and build sandcastles with your friends, the perfect attire to wear is a long dress. Getting wet, sticky sand in your jeans or leggings is inevitable while kicking the waves. Light, thin, and flowing dresses can help you play in the ocean and roll around in the sand without any discomfort. Go enjoy yourself with your loved ones at the beach in one of BIBA’s comfortable, yet stylish long dresses.

Enjoy the waves in this sky-blue, floral print, collared long dress.

A cream cotton dress beautified with lavender-blue patterns for a breezy day by the ocean


Formal prints are here! Are you worried you can’t find a look that says elegant and serious at the same time? Worry not, because BIBA has a wide collection of long dresses that can be worn to work. Express your style this year with fresh, off the charts, formal designs that are not only fabulous but are also comfortable to wear all day.

A beige long dress with vertical stripes that is perfect for your workplace!

Who said you can’t be serious AND stylish? Choose this formal, sky blue, high-collared dress.


Casual wear usually focuses on comfort over style. But what if you could get the best of both worlds with casual dresses that help you wear elegance comfortably? Long dresses are here to save your day! Their versatility and lightness will keep you carefree and comfortable while their grace and elegance can help you earn compliments! Getting together with your family, hanging out with your friends, and shopping at your favorite mall can now be done while looking absolutely lovely. Pick your favorite long, casual dress from BIBA’s collection of fresh outfits!

A multicolored, casual long dress that is perfect for an afternoon get together.