Raksha Bandhan - Weaves of Love to Celebrate Your Sister

What better time to show off your love for your sibling than the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan? A national festival that symbolizes the love and trust that one sibling has for the other is a much-awaited day in the Indian tradition. The exchange of a rakhi and gifts is a representation of the affection and attachment one sibling has for the other. Celebrate your favorite festival with BIBA’s brand-new festive collection!

Raksha Bandhan - An overview

Rakhsha Bandhan is a traditional Indian festival that recognizes the trust, love, and unbreakable bond between a brother and a sister. The main ritual in this festival is the exchange of gifts. The sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist and the brother gifts his sister a memorable present. Raksha Bandhan is often celebrated among biological siblings (a brother and a sister). However, in the modern world, it can be seen celebrated by two people who consider each other siblings through an emotional bond, two sisters, two brothers, and even between two family members who are not siblings. This festival now signifies brotherly and/or sisterly love between two people regardless of whether they are related by blood.

Festive wear

Festivals are the best days to rock your desi side and appear dashing in a gorgeous ethnic garment. Raksha Bandhan is no different as it includes rituals, sweets, gifts, and new, fresh outfits! As the years progress, new styles, and trends keep popping up. A fresh, new look is key to standing out at a festival. Are you confused about what to wear on this auspicious day? Look no further as BIBA has your back! Choose your favorite look among our handpicked, ethnic festive wear along with matching jewelry and footwear!

Long dress

Long dresses are currently high in the ethnic fashion ranks! They are a festive favorite and add a dash of glam to the party! Ethnic long dresses do not fail to catch every eye and steal the scene. BIBA has a fresh line of drop-dead gorgeous long dresses.

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A dazzling long, red dress bordered with shimmery gold.

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A comfortable, yellow kurta dress decorated with complementing white patterns.


Anarkalis are evergreen, classic festive wear. You can see various types of anarkalis donned by girls all over India on festive days. The traditional and classy appeal of anarkalis is irresistible to girls everywhere. Check out BIBA’s picks and enjoy this fashionable garment at your favorite festival!

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A blue Anarkali suit set enhanced by a thick, shimmery border. This suit is also available in red and gold.

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An adorable white Anarkali suit set with a matching dupatta and a complementing red jacket.

Suit Set

Suit sets are grand, festive, and effortlessly dressed up clothes! They are perfect for any occasion that requires elegance. The multiple layers add grandeur to the attire. You can pick out fabulous suit sets from BIBA to slay the scene!

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A grey lehenga suit set enhanced by a long, striped jacket.

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A double-layered, mustard suit set to spice up the day

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An elegant, ivory suit set bordered with gold foil print.


Apart from the evergreen chocolates and cliche cash gifts that brothers give their sisters on this memorable day, there are many other options to explore. Jewelry is something all girls adore and would make for an amazing Raksha Bandhan gift. Take a look at BIBA’s collection of mesmerizing jewelry that will send your sister to the moon!

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Mesmerize your sister with these dazzling blue and white enamel earrings.

Other than jewelry, you can get your sister other gifts such as beautiful, trendy clothes from our collection. If you are wondering where you can find gorgeous pieces, you have come to the right place! These versatile garments can be worn on both casual and grand occasions making them the perfect gifts. Girls are crazy about clothes, especially those tailored to their taste. Impress your sister with just how much you know her and pick out a dress she will absolutely love for this festive day!

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A baby pink double-layered suit enhanced with an outer layer filled with pretty, floral prints.

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A pretty plum-pastel pink straight cotton suit set to amp up the cuteness!

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A blush pink straight suit set bordered with pretty flora.

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A light pink cotton set with floral embroidery and flared sleeves. This set is also available in all white.


All in all, Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of love and a festival of trust. An important relationship, siblinghood, is honored on this day through prayers, rituals, and love. Above gifts, rituals and sweets, this festival is an opportunity for a sister to appreciate her brother and a brother to embrace the trust in their siblinghood. This joyous ceremony is an important event in India that every sibling looks forward to! Enjoy your day in BIBA’s massive collection of festive clothes for women of all ages.