5 Ways to Style Yourself with Sharara Dress

Sharara dress is a true reflection of traditionality. They are royal, classic and truly eye-catching. When the wearer puts this outfit on herself, she is bound to feel confident and classy. That is the magic of wearing a Sharara dress. But simply wearing it is not the endgame. If you want to look like an ace in this ethnic wear, it is important to style it right.

Here are five fascinating ways you can style yourself in a Sharara dress like a pro.

1. Draping the Dupatta Right

A Sharara dress is incomplete without a beautiful dupatta. For those who want to enjoy a regal look, draping the dupatta right becomes very important. Depending upon the look of your Sharara, you can drape your dupatta accordingly. But make sure your dupatta allows you to flaunt the style of your outfit accurately.

Sometimes, if your Sharara design is too plain, do not be afraid to deck it up with a heavier dupatta to balance out the look. This can elevate the style of your outfit and make you look like a complete standout. Dupattas also exhibit grandeur and class like no other. So, do not shy away from experimenting with it.

2. Don’t Underestimate The Beauty Of ‘Pasa’

Pasa is a type of jewellery that is worn among traditional brides at their Muslim weddings. They make a woman look graceful, beautiful and royal. So, if you also want to deck up your Sharara right, do not be afraid to amp up your look by accessorizing with a Pasa.

This can make you ready to attend an important Indian function like a wedding or a Sangeet. Brides who want to flaunt their Sharara dress for girl can also accentuate themselves with a Pasa. It is sure to complete the look like no other.

3. A Heavy Earring Never Goes Wrong

If you are wearing a light Sharara and you want to balance the look out with something heavy, a good pair of earrings are the best. Wear Sharara dress for women, and style your Sharara with the right earrings when you want to head to an important Indian function. Heavy earrings can instantly uplift the beauty of your entire outfit and make you look more beautiful than ever.

Jhumkas with Peacock designs, Gold-plated earrings and Kundans are the best combinations with a Sharara dress.

4. Statement Neckpieces

If you are wearing a Sharara dress for wedding, the best way to style it up is with a statement neckpiece. This is also for those women who do not want to accessorize too much but still want to look their best. Chokers are a great way to accentuate your outfit without going all out. These statement neckpieces are an effortless way to deck up your entire Sharara look in no time. So, you can start looking for those pieces.

5. Offbeat Sharara Styles

If you are bored with the basic Sharara styles, you can opt for something different. At Biba online store, you can find a range of them that you are bound to love. So, start scouting for different colors and patterns that they are available in. You are bound to find something that makes you feel like the best person in the room.

Winding Up!

There is no end to the experiments you can do with Sharara dresses. You can pair it up with the right footwear, choose the best bags to club it with, and so much more. In fact, you can also try out a new hairstyle that amplifies your look altogether.